Monday, 27 September 2010

The Times: Dreams & Nightmares Image 7

So here we have the penultimate image in the series. This picks up on the article reference to 'fantastic' dreams that people often have, here surfing the ultimate wave. This whole project has been a joy from start to finish!

A snippet from the text by Henry Sutton...

"The thing about dreams, as someone who quite often has them, is that half the time, upon waking, I/you can really only remember fragments, and these are usually pretty ludicrous. And if anything is clear, then invariably it doesn’t really make any sense. Or at least it’s so implausible it’s laughable. I have dreamed, over the years, that I’ve played right back for Manchester United, that Bill Clinton’s come for dinner, and I’ve survived a plane crash. I’ve also surfed impossibly large waves, run the country, and had a relationship with the wife of a very well known celebrity."

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