Friday, 13 November 2009

Altpick Award...!

Yesterday I received an email from the Maria at the Altpick stating that I had won the Third Place Illustration Award for one of my (new style) illustrations..! To say I'm very pleased (and reassured) that the new work is gaining some headway is a bit of an understatement. You can my piece here: Clicky1 and all the award winners here: Clicky2.


This was a challenge. The brief involved using Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon album cover as a reference point. Good fun to do as we decided that it would be interesting to make the image slightly more 3D in feel, so angled the prism slightly to show the underside floating in an abstract space. I really enjoyed this piece as it was similar in approach to the origami speed boats I did a while back: Clicky!

Great to re-visit an iconic piece of pop imagery.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

It was Halloween last night and I just thought I'd post a few pix of our evening. Ciara and Su carved a pumpkin and then did a couple of drawings ready for the evening. The witch and the little black line drawing of the figure as posted. When I asked her what it was she replied (exasperatingly): 'Its a happy ghost monster daddy'...! Love both the drawings, especially the witch in glorious felt tips. We pinned this one up on the outside of the front door to show that people were welcome. It seemed to work as we had loads of trick or treaters this year. Ciara took great delight in opening the door in her witch costume to try and scare the callers. Theo tended to hover in the backgound a little as he'd already been (REALLY) spooked by an earlier trick or treater in a very scary full werewolf head mask from the upcoming The Wolfman movie . Poor Theo ran back down the hall shouting 'SCARED SCARED SCARED'...! I love halloween..!
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